Dry shampoo is much than what the mere name suggests – it should be a must-have for any respecting guy’s product shelf.

The folk over at Fish have come up with their own Dry Shampoo featuring their iconic fragrance with their usual high-quality.

But there’s much more to dry shampoo and guys need to be making the most of its byproduct benefits.

1. Extra Volume

Some guys struggle to get that bit of lift to their hair, well if you have long(er) hair you can simply focus your dry shampoo on the roots (especially if you have no tapering or undercut), then ease it back all over. Backcombing against the natural direction at the same time will give you that added lift.

2. Touchable Hold

Most dry shampoos will state whether their level of hold – Fish Dry Shampoo actually gives a light hold but I’ve found it actually lasts a good portion of a day before settling to a near no-product look.

It actually tames the mane overnight too.

3. Post-Gym Refresher

For me, I’ve found dry shampoo the perfect early morning, post-gym refresher.

Often I actually find I somehow manage to style my hair perfectly in the daze of a state before an early morning session – dry shampoo genuinely saves the day as it means I can retain the look and give it a few more hours of life!

4. Subtle Tints

I legit love it when I’ve put some dry shampoo in and get nice comments on my hair – it’s so subtle but the matte effect coupled with the white powder onto my dark hair brings a new dimension to my look.