Earlier today the Pokemon Go APK data mine unearthed the fledgling signs that generation three may be around the corner.

After the huge gym rework earlier this year and the three legendary birds, my interest was well and truly peaked.

Yet, all I need to catch are the non-European regional exclusives, Unown, and a newly released shiny Pikachu. It seems as though I’ve completed most of what there is to do in the game, but why do I still play it?

Let me talk you through it…


I am invested into this game. Not only have I spent countless hours actively (and passively) playing Pokemon Go, I’ve also spent my own cash. Right now I feel I’ve put too much of both of these commodities into the game to quit right now (not that I have any plans to).

In game, the amount of stardust that’s gone into each of my top 12 (pictured) must be into the millions, not to mention how I’ve spent my candies (not wisely to start with, I must admit).

Just look at this stat, I’ve caught over 10,700 Pokemon at the time of writing – I’m even shocked by that amount!?

In all seriousness, since the game was initially announced I was hyped and I still get hyped when a small teaser of information gets leaked or we find out something new. Which brings me onto…


Although I’ve played the game pretty much on my own from the start, the YouTube community has kept the game alive for me.

If it wasn’t for Trainer Tips, Reversal, Lachlan, and Mystic7 I would have probably lost interest in the game a long while ago. They are what keep hopes high for change and act as a conduit for frustrations from the community at large, something I don’t envy them for.

On top of which, they all produce fantastic vlogs on an almost daily basis despite what’s going on in their personal lives – their dedication is inspirational and content is on pointespecially when there’s new content to be announced…

New content (FOMO)

Niantic got it wrong to start with. They were unprepared and frankly didn’t give the community what they wanted when they were ready for it.

As many people had completed their generation one Pokedex, there was very little else for players to do, other than catching more Pokemon and try to hold onto a gym for more than 24 hour hours.

Now as most people have completed generation two, it seems that Niantic is being more proactive in releasing new content to appease. The shiny Magikarp, for instance, was a complete surprise albeit a lot more rare than many players were expecting, shiny Pokemon were even harder to catch in the main-series games.


Ultimately, I play the game because I still enjoy playing it. I can’t think of the last time a game held my attention for so long.

Yes, a lot of people say it’s a ‘dead game’ but as recent as April this year, 65 million people were still playing the game. That’s the population of the UK right there – if only they actually lived here.

So there are the four reasons why I still play Pokemon Go. I’d love to know if you’re still playing it and if so, why?