It may be a little late but Pokemon Go Plus, the first bit of kit released for the app, has arrived and I’ve been putting it to the test!

The pandemic that took the world by storm in August may have subsided recently but Niantic, the game’s developers, are continuing on to enhance the in-game functionality and wearables.

Pokemon Go Review

I’ve consistently played Pokemon Go since release and to date have 122 of the total 142 available Pokemon, including the European regional exclusive, Mr. Mime. I’ve been keen to try out Go Plus for a while!

What’s it all about?

The device hooks up via Bluetooth so you can catch Pokes without having to have the app on screen, but you do need to have the app ‘on’ in the background.

So here’s a breakdown on how the device works:

Pokemon Go Review
It tells you when you’re around a Pokestop with a blue light and vibration
Pokemon Go Review
Green when a Pokemon is nearby and you’ve caught one previously
  • The yellow light is when there’s a Pokemon new to your Pokedex nearby
  • All the above will glow multicolour if successful, or just two sharp red lights when unsuccessful
  • You’ll also get a red light if there’s an error, you’re out of Pokeballs or signal is lost

You’ll get one chance to stock up at a ‘stop or capture – but you’ll only get one chance with a normal Pokeball.

Even if you’ve got Great or Ultra balls they won’t be used – and the capture will fail with a red light and vibration. So with that in mind, Pokeballs deplete super quick because you’re playing the game so passively.

Passive Playing

So speaking of playing passively, that’s one of the big advantages of Go Plus – the game gets your face up from the screen whilst you’re out and about AND it still tracks your kilometres.

Geek Factor

There’s two options for wearing, either as a clip on a pocket or shirt. I tried this for a day but found it easily loosened – not ideal.

The other option is to wear it on the band provided – which does give security but isn’t the best looking thing. Regardless, I’ve opted for this.

Dollar Dollar

Is it worth the £35 asking price? Well, if you’re a frequent player like me, then definitely.

I wouldn’t bother if you’re a more occasional player – just whip out your phone and play that way.