Anyone that knows me will know that I absolutely cannot wait for Final Fantasy XV in September this year, followed by Final Fantasy VII Remake!

Well, after Square Enix’s epic announcement that included a brand new trailer (below), an anime series and a feature length film! Final Fantasy XV is set to be one of the biggest games of 2016 – which is exactly what Square Enix would have wanted after a relatively poor showing (in my opinion) from X.

The new trailer is simple a step above any Final Fantasy trailer I’ve ever seen before, this thing is a work of ART (Florence and the Machine are divine too).

As soon as I found out about the Platinum Demo released on PSN and Xbox One, I had to download it. Featuring one of my favourite Guardian Force¬†from Final Fantasy VIII, Carbuncle! You play as the game’s protagonist,¬†Noctis, in his younger years. The demo is actually set in a dream and you play as an adolescent going through the learnings of the game.

Carbuncle looking pretty rad.

You start off one what appears akin to a HQ version of a Sonic the Hedgehog course, instead of coins you have to follow the stars as your little blue hedgehog fox friend runs off. First impressions are of sheer awe of the quality and detail of your surroundings and quality of visual effects for Noctis as you move around. Even something simple as his jacket having a centre of gravity as you pivot and turn.

Carbuncle himself is a little annoying, doing little grunts at you that grate on me – think the Nidorino call from Pokemon Blue on the Game Boy. Yes, that annoying. But it’s cute enough but it doesn’t completely megalixir the annoyance.

You’re given a toy sword and hammer to best your weak enemies – the system seems easy enough whilst at this level, somewhat easy.

Once you’ve conquered Emerald Hill you’re miniaturised and have to find your way to the table top – this time the addition of projectile fireworks – this is where you really get to see how easy it is to choose your weapon of choice.¬†You can poke your sword and hammer away and let the fireworks fly (yes that is an innuendo).

The climax of the story sees you come up against the fabled Iron Giant, fans of the FF series will know these beasts well – featuring often in very similar guises but never easy to beat.

The scene skips to¬†Noctis’s father giving him inner strength and you finally get to fight – proper. Below is my PlaystationShare of the finishing move. BOOM.

Loving the look, the score, the eventual battle – I cannot wait to get my hands on my copy of Final Fantasy XV and spending the whole of the next week, month, year, playing it (right before the Final Fantasy VII Remake).

This is gonna be gooood!