I’m unashamed to admit that I love the Final Fantasy Series. This love affair started with the first worldwide release, Final Fantasy VII.

From around the age of 11 I played this game, coming back to it periodically to complete it, with the most recent time on the PS3 back in 2014. I’ve seen my gameplay clock reach 99:99 and haven’t even got near to mastering all the Materia.

Regardless, I love this game and here are my reasons why:

1. Let’s just put this here


2. Stereotypical smoking

3. Cloud’s sheer bluntness

4. ‘That’ crossdressing mission

5. Like, Cloud was so blunt


6. Sephiroth’s Supernova!?

7. The damned soundtrack is amazing

8. The square hands

9. The diverseĀ array of characters

10. Tifa and Cloud

11. Playing as Cid!

12.Ā Being legit relaxed whilst visiting Costa del Sol

13. This scene, in every render

14. This mission

15. The Remake!

16. That bluntness, again

What’s your all time favourite video game? Tell me in the comments section below!