The heat of summer truly does take its toll on me – I’m not a fan of hot nights and even hotter days. So to hear that Mars and Snickers Ice Cream Tubs are now available – I rejoice!

I was so surprised to hear that these tubs were new to the ice cream scene and were only launched earlier this year. However, Mars ice cream is somewhat nostalgic for me.

Growing up in Cornwall, you’re never too far from an ice cream van and I always remember my dad’s choice being the Mars Ice Cream Bar (I also remember being a fan too).

How do the Mars and Snickers Ice Cream Tubs compare? In truth, very well!

Firstly, I love to see how brands reposition famous flavours in a different niche. Yes, Mars has had a lot of practice with this but their attempt at ice cream tubs is really quite fantastic.

The 500ml tubs are perfect for sharing whilst watching your favourite binge TV (in our case, The Walking Dead), either straight from the tub itself or plated up in a bowl – the latter is always my choice so the portion sizes are fair!

The Mars ice cream itself is a blend of chocolate ice cream, caramel shots and pieces of chocolate (akin to that of an easter egg – thus making it easy to chew through).

It’s an absolute taste sensation; the mixture of the three elements isn’t overpowering nor are you left searching for your next piece of chocolate or caramel.

The Snickers ice cream hides peanut surprises in chocolate with the characteristic nougat undertones – it’s like eating the actual chocolate bar.

Word of warning is that they are quick to soften, especially in the warmer weather we’ve been having but it’s that nice – it won’t be left sitting for long!

When looking for a dessert or a party sweetener I’d definitely recommend the Mars and Snickers Ice Cream tubs – they don’t disappoint.

They’re available from ASDA (RRP £3.00) in the frozen dessert section.

(N.B. This is a sponsored post from Mars and Snickers Ice Cream Tubs, however, my love for the product is genuine)