Whilst doing a training plan with a regimented food plan, cheat day is the day to let your hair down and eat something tasty without the guilt.

So, this week we’ve been gorging on Chicago Town’s new range of limited edition pizza, the Barbeque Feast.

To be fair, I know a lot of people rave about delivered pizza but that stuff costs like £15 per pizza, so being the frugal sort of chap I am, I prefer a cheaper alternative and at £2.75 each — these are a steal.

With pepperoni, BBQ sauce, red onion, yellow and red peppers — it’s like a pepperoni pizza on acid. Best of all it only takes just 16 minutes in the oven from frozen.

The dough is thick and fluffy, more than you’d expect from a frozen pizza. Expectations are exceeded throughout as the toppings are all quality.

Doesn’t take much for us to get through it, especially as we had saved ourselves for it – managing to smash it down in less than 5 minutes.

They really are fab pizzas – this limited edition range is a welcome addition to the Takeaway range!

Would I recommend it? Yes. Will I have it again? Absolutely. I can’t wait to try out the Pulled Chicken pizza!