There comes a time in life where you need to reevaluate how you live your life and the choices you make, whether that be in pursuit of happiness, health or peace of mind.

I’ve been working with Withings by Nokia and reevaluating my own life choices and seeing the impact my diet has on my body composition, with thanks to the revolutional¬†Body Cardio.

What’s it all about?

Simply put, the Body Cardio is more than just a set of scales. Yes, it will tell you your weight but it will also tell you:

  • Body fat %
  • Body water %
  • Muscle mass %
  • Bone mass %
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Pulse Wave Velocity
  • Heart Rate

The device links up to an app on your phone via. Bluetooth to give you instant updates on your stats post weigh-in, handy for those looking to keep track and identify key performance indicators in a weightloss plan.

The device also links up to a step counter, I use ‘S Health’ using my Samsung S7 Edge, which linked up perfectly. The Body Cardio can also accept information from MyFitnessPal to help with your calorie intake for full immersive stats.

Withings recommend you measure your body composition daily for best results and I can see the benefit in doing this, although it does go against some advice I’ve heard, each to their own.

The Body Cardio

So the Body Cardio is so sleek and stylish, the glass finish in black is superb¬†and white doesn’t look half bad either. It’s a pretty hefty piece of kit and you can just tell its jammed packed full of tech which enables the features this beast has!

Let’s get personal

Sharing information on my weight doesn’t come easy¬†to me, but in the interests of a fair review of the Body Cardio, I was keen to get involved and truly show what your diet can do to affect your body composition for the worst, or the better.

I’d say I’m a ‘micro yo-yo dieter’, weekdays I’ll eat #Leanin15 from Joe Wicks (no relation), to slamming down a Chinese and McDonald’s at the weekend – I didn’t want to be good throughout the period of testing (so I wasn’t).

I am by no means slight,¬†since around the age of 24 I’ve not been below¬†14 stone for any discernible¬†amount of time and I’m currently edging¬†closer to 16 stone at a height of¬†5′ 10″ – making my BMI above 30 (ie. obese).

To be honest, I was already fully aware of the facts above. However, my interest was peaked when I came to find out my body composition. What really am I made of?

The stats

So, below are the screenshots from the Android app along with my progression over a three week period…


Yeah, so these are scales and keep you up to date with where you are compared to your the weight goal you input at set up. You’re even sent email updates to give you (much needed)¬†encouragement!


Body Composition

The Body Cardio is able to keep track of your body composition, here we keep track of your body fat percentage. The peaks which you can see are as a result of some really bad eating. Whether that’s a cheeky Chinese or McDonalds.

You’re also able to keep an eye on your muscle mass percentage which is fantastic for those working hard to lose some chub but not seeing your weight decrease as your muscle mass increased – really important!

BMI is also tracked, although I’m not a huge believer in BMI as it doesn’t take into account how your weight is made up.

What I’ve learnt using Body Cardio?

I knew that using the Body Cardio would be a revelation and an eye opener to what my eating habits are doing to my body. By eating well you genuinely see your weight drop but more than that you also see your body fat dropping in line with it.

I’m going to be keeping track of my body composition as I work hard on eating well and working out over the next few months and hopefully, we’ll see a reduction in my¬†size!