I was recently approached by the guys over at Back2Fitness to put their 12 week fitness plan to the test.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to make some changes to my body composition following on February’s Withings by Nokia post.

So, here I am after day one in bed before 9.30pm with aching legs and sleepy eyes – I have an inkling that I’ll be feeling like this a lot over the next three months or so…

So a bit of background, the guys at Back2Fitness (including former England Rugby international, Neil Back) have put together a 12 week exercise and diet plan for me to stick to with a view of transforming my body.

I’m not overly keen about sharing my before photo yet, but can say that my total weight was 15 stone, 7 pounds with a body fat percentage of 29.6%, so enjoy the post-workout selfie in the header image.


My main aim is to feel better about my body; I’ve said before about being less than 14 stone but if I weighed 14 stone, 3 pounds but had a low body fat percentage, happy bloody days.

The secondary aim is to get my body fat down to around 20% and then reevaluate.

How it went

One thing I’m not used to is doing weights – alas I forced myself into the weights area of the gym and after a little faffing I just cracked on and got it done.

Post weight was a cardio exercise but my legs were actually jelly so I opted for an easier interval session than what was suggested.

Exercise of the day

Romanian Deadlift: only on 50kg to get started but it felt good to use that sort of explosive power in such a manner!


The next update will be two weeks –Ā where you’ll find out how I’m getting on and we’ll have the next weigh-in!