Today, I used TRX and battle ropes for the first time ever; as I finish week 6 and the first round robin of phase two. Have I seen any progress?

I suppose progress can be defined in multiple ways depending on your own KPIs. For me, body fat reduction is what’s important to me – if I was to stay the same weight but lose body fat/gain muscle then I reckon I’d be happy with that.

Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve seen my weight steadily decrease down from the 15 stone 8 pounds that it was.

There have been some amazing gym sessions, where I’ve truly pushed myself harder than I ever have before. Others where I literally wanted to crawl into a ball at 7.15am.

Phase two has tested my grip strength more than I could have imagined, leaving me with the realisation that my grip isn’t that strong, especially when carrying my own body weight.

Progress Report – Week 6


Let’s just get one tiny detail clear here – I WENT SUB-15 STONE.

Then, a very naughty weekend which included a wedding (and then a cheat day) resulted in the 3lb gain.

I think what this did more than anything is actually ensure I get my diet correct. It obviously doesn’t take much to pile the lbs back on and this proves.

Body Fat

Despite putting a little weight on, it’s so reassuring to see the steady decline in body fat. As of today, I’m in the 23% club (just).

I finally know my body fat goal is between 15-19% – with the option to keep going.

Muscle mass

In a mirror image of the body fat graph, my muscle mass % has seen a rise as I focus predominantly on weights during workouts, with either HIIT or LISS conditioning alongside.

The Weeks Ahead

As I look towards the second half of phase two, I’m excited to repeat some of the routines as some were brand new to me in weeks five and six.

I do have the small matter of my weeks’ holiday next week where we’re off for a three-night break to Edinburgh; hoping I can fit in x4 sessions Thurs-Sun to make up for having Monday-Wednesday off.

Worse case scenario, is I pick up where I left off a little behind schedule but nonetheless determined.