Here I am, 112 deadlifts later, at the two week point of my 12 week transformation plan.

It’s been tough getting back into the swing of working out, going to a new gym, with new equipment. But, that fear of using weights in front of others has all but gone.

I’m feeling more confident since doing strength and hypertrophy exercises; there’s also more confidence in both my ability to actually do the exercises, what weights I’m comfortable with and what weight is ‘pushing it’.

The cardio has been tough in terms of finding the time; opting to do a 10 minute HIIT workout over a LISS (low intensity steady state), which can be a 40 minute exercise.

I’ve found the diet relatively painless so far, although I’m no chef, so the meals are pretty basic; the fact it’s regimented and specific for each day is perfect for me and I’m already in a routine, but ready for mealtimes to shift up a gear in phase two.

In terms of progress, my weight has stayed pretty static. This would have been demoralising had I not been using my Body Cardio; I’ve been able to see how my body composition has been changing.

From my starting point of 29.3%, my body fat is now down to 25.6% – a reduction of 3.7%!

Where my body fat has dropped, my muscle mass has done the opposite and increased from 67.2% to 70.8% – an increase of 3.6%.

Both of these results are so encouraging, it’s exciting to see where things go from here.

I feel better in myself and my body and I’d like to think that I’m starting to notice some changes already but I’m keen not to get too carried away!

I’m looking forward to the next two weeks as I see out phase one and move on to phase two…