Believe it or not but summer is on the way; with the changing of the seasons comes the changing of the wardrobe and this stunning wooden timepiece from JORD is just the ticket.

This US-based watch maker has a number of watches in its arsenal with varying different kinds of wood to choose from, whether you go for an acacia or sandalwood, it’s completely down to you.

The customisation stretches further, with so many different kinds of face styles; in terms of colour you can go for block colours, or something a little shiny.

Alternatively, if you prefer there’s the option to show off the beautiful cogs whirring around behind the scenes.

Regardless of the styling, you’re left with an incredibly light yet robust watch- perfect for those summer evening meals alfresco, complementing any outfit perfectly and thankfully there’s a huge range of men’s and women’s watches to choose from!

FRANKIE Series – Zebrawood & Navy

On arrival I was so surprised at the quality of the packaging – the real wood box with magnetised lid, not only that but there’s a small draw to keep your links if you need any removed.

Inside you’re greeted with the absolutely gorgeous Zebrawood and Navy Blue watch in full view, whilst wrapped snuggly around a custom hessian pillow, with the JORD logo embroiled .

The zebrawood is dark but full of colour within the grains, when combined with the dark blue face it’s a minimalist’s dream.

The coupling is sturdy and oozes quality, there have been no issues with it coming loose and undoing.

Overall, these JORD watches are not only beautiful but a strong fashion statement for any outfit – best of all they don’t cost an arm and a leg!