In a world where money is tight, fashion has to be versatile; fitting the many roles we occupy in work and play…

When deciding what shoe to go for I always look for the multi-use aspect; what could you realistically wear it with and to what end. In my case, I was looking for a smart shoe to wear to work with trousers or dark denim, but also wear with a white denim at the weekend.

With ‘summer’ in what’s supposed to be full swing I wanted something light and not too bulky, fitting my multi-purpose mentality.

So, introducing the ‘Baldrick Loafer’ from Jones Bootmaker:


These men’s leather loafers arrived super quick and just in time for a function which was ideal. I opted for the dark brown leather but they do also come in tan.

These 70s style loafers are light and incredibly well put together, they look as though they’d be a struggle to get on (especially with my pasty feet), but these size 10s slip on like a dream without any issues.


Snug to fit but not tight in the slightest; they provide fantastic support, especially considering the woven leather style looks as though it will have too much give — it really doesn’t.

The soles are cut from real leather (sporting the Vero Cuoio stamp), cracked/patterned in appearance they allow you to glide around the office space whilst also providing grip outdoors.


The sheer level of attention to detail on these loafers is fantastic, from the stitching in the heel to the lining inside the shoe itself. I’m so used to buying cheap shoes for work, but these have definitely made me reconsider how I spend my cash — at £84.00 these aren’t a huge investment but definitely worthy of the price tag when compared to cheaper alternatives from other, less specialist, high street chains.