There’s nothing more I like than dressing to impress – regardless whether it’s a personal or work situation. How I look is very important to me, how it makes me feel is even more important.

When the guys over Stiffies asked if I wanted to try their magnetised collar stiffeners on for size I simply jumped at the chance. There’s nothing worse than a limp collar to ruin what could be a decent look.

Ahead of a networking event for work, I put them to the test. Here’s a little guide of getting them in and the comparison of a Stiffie collar vs. a non-Stiffie collar…

1. Getting them in – collars up


2. Insert…

The Stiffies come in two lengths, I had to use the shorter of the two here – the collar on my shirt isn’t all that big.


3. Fold…

OK, so this doesn’t look too great – but we’re not done yet.


4. Attach the magnets

This but can be a little tricky – for me anyway with clumsy hands. The magnets are STRONG and rightly so, you don’t want them dropping off. If they do get stuck together then it’s easy enough to slide them off. Don’t try and pull apart you will not be able too!

5. Admire your carefully crafted collar…

Just look at the difference here, my right hand collar just looks flat and unprofessional. The left looks ready for action and absolutely professional.


6. Altogether now!

Together the finished look is professional and clean. You’ll be left wondering why you didn’t wear them sooner!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 21.54.07

Keen to get yourself a pack of Stiffies, you can check out their website where they come in both silver and gold. The products shown here were, obviously, silver.

At £14.99, they’re not a huge expense and in my opinion – a complete essential for any man looking to impress.

*The products shown in this review were sent to me, however the opinions within this piece are my own.*