Choosing the perfect gym gear can be a right pain in the… kettlebells.

Having been a keen runner in the past, I tend to use my old running kit that’s not overly fit for purpose (pardon the pun) when hitting the gym. Battered, muddy trainers and short running shorts aren’t the best look when you’re attempting a body weight HIIT sessions on the mats.

When the guys over at Jacamo got in touch to choose from a selection of theirs, I was keen to use this as the perfect opportunity to get back in the gym with a fresh new look. I was surprised by the amount of choice they had on their website – I wouldn’t necessarily think of Jacamo as a first stop for fitness gear but they’ve got loads to choose from!

Gym style

There’s generally people who follow fashion and people who want function with their gymwear and in some cases you end up with a product that’s both.

So, I decided to go for bright fashion statement shorts with a functional upper body.

Under Armour Jacamo



I’m a complete faff at the gym – so the less distractions the better, else I’ll be focusing on where to put my phone and headphones rather than the workout.

Under Armour Shorts

So, whilst looking for some bright shorts (which could also double up as running shorts) I stumbled across these beaut shorts from Under Armour. As they have pockets, I won’t be worrying about where my phone is or having a damned phone strap around my arm. They’re loose fitting but longer than my usual running shorts, coming up just above the knee.

The difference to the usual running shorts I would wear is the quality; fabric and stitching are all on point.



Sticking with Under Armour for the top – where I went for a long sleeve zip up. Just like the shorts, these are so well made and wick away sweat perfectly.

Again, as I like to get out and run this will be perfect for the autumnal runs around the breezy Cornish coast – it’s far too humid for this at the moment, but it works well in an AC cooled gym or fitness studio.


Adidas Tracksuit Adidas Tracksuit

Yes, old faithful – the Adidas tracksuit. I can’t be the only one who has made the mistake of wearing normal outer-clothes when leaving the gym? Well, nobody wants a sweaty smell on those clothes so having these dedicating gym threads mean you won’t have that worry ever again.

These are easier to wash than coats and you also won’t get weird looks when going to the shop post-gym.


Nike Trainers


To complement these fine threads from Jacamo, I treated myself to a pair of Nike Flex Experience 5 Running Trainers. I kid you not, these are the comfiest trainers I’ve ever worn and they are SO light! As perfect in the gym as they are on the streets running -the perfect balance.

Kettlebell, hell!

I’ve caught the kettlebell bug and have seen first hand how they can help build muscle and help fat loss as part of HIIT training.

However, they can cause quite a lot of pain on the forearms when doing a clean press, so investing in the Jordan Fitness Kettlebell Wrist Guard is an absolute MUST.


These babies are a sweatband on one side and protective plastic guard on the other. Perfect to protect yourself from those nasty bruises from lugging a 16kg over your head.

If you’d like to check out what other sportswear Jacamo has to offer – check out their website.

Thanks for the Under Armour and Adidas goodies – I love them and am glad that I can now workout in style! Keep an eye out for these products resurfacing in future posts.