Without fail, I will be completely ill-prepared for the changing of the seasons at least twice a year.

By not having the right outfit choices for the weather, I’m left either too cold, too hot and never really anywhere in between. Thankfully, with our somewhat mild autumn starting to bear some kind of resemblance to the more chilly autumn temperatures we expect – I’d best not get caught napping.

Thankfully the guys over at The Idle Man have my back with this navy puffer parka, thin lined and perfect for those transition months. I’d even go as far as to say this would even see me through the more mild winters we have here in Cornwall, especially with layers!

For those who don’t know The Idle Man, they are a menswear based retailer, catering to the style conscious man. Hosting brands such as Levi’s, Larsson and Jennings and Nudie Jeans Co, The Idle Man is a go-to destination for men. Alongside the online shop, The Idle Man Manual is a blog dedicated to offering style advice as well as stories and guides about music, grooming, and lifestyle.

For the shoot, we headed to the north coast of Cornwall to put the parka through its paces in some of the bracing winds coupled with the absolutely epic scenery. Some of you may even recognise the pump houses from Poldark but they’ve been out of action for well over 100 years and stand as ruins yet a testament to Cornish work ethic and drive.

Looking out to sea, you often have to remind yourself that the mine shafts are hidden under the waves, in search for tin.

– Additional Clothing Option *UNLOCKED –

Loving the addition of the fishermen beanie – the perfect accessory against the howling winds.