Too many times I’ve had female friends of mine come to me with boy problems; these issues are wide ranging and can often be avoided…

The telltale signs are usually the same: ‘he’s stopped messaging’ or ‘I found out he’s messaging someone else’, or worse. The chances are you both had different intentions from the outset – whether these were vocalised at the point of origin is not the point of this discussion.

Chances are, you’ve landed yourself a fuckboy and if for whatever reason you’ve been living under a rock and you’re not sure what that means…

What is aĀ ‘Fuckboy’?

Yes, men are a law untoĀ themselves and a fuckboy is the epitome of this cliche.

The lowest ebb of the lesserĀ gender and are systematically destroying the reputation of the genuine guys who have done no wrong. Sadly this means that,Ā the disillusionedĀ genuine guys hop the fence and and further destroy the male race.

What are the signs?

Aside from obviously wanting one thing…

He’ll be desperate for your attention but also quick to dismiss you when rebuffed. Not to say he won’t come back for more after licking his wounds – so be prepped and ready not to engage for battle again.

He has the ambition of a troll; happy to carry on thinking with this wand with little drive or any discernible sign of goals in life.

Judgemental af, this kid doesn’t care if he offends you a little. He thinks with his junk and doesn’t give a shh and will do anything to get hold of somethingĀ X Rated.

The issue

These guys don’t know how to treat women – it’s plain and simple. The respect shown by most guys has steadily been reduced over years, there’s no denying it.

This, coupled with the lack of accountability for one’s actions has given guys an escape route for which they never had. A backdoor such as this has no doubt been heightened by the likes of social media and dating sites/apps where love has been purely commoditised to the extreme.

Whilst the CEOs of dating apps roll around in their swanky mansions – guys are now able to systematically work their way through half the female population based on false promises and lies.

This ties in the yet another issue; emotional detachment gives FBsĀ the ability to manipulate feelings to their end without feeling the consequences of their actions.

The fix?

From a marketing sense, I’d suggest that this would need grass roots approach, start from the ground up and work with the new generation of boys coming up through school and teaching a new kind of respect for women.

The world of social media is running away with itself – laws and rules of engagement are well behind where they should be and this should definitely be a starting point.

As a rule men are more emotionally removedĀ and find it hard to talk about their feelings. Combined with the dishonesty and fear of the verbal backlash for which will ensue… Let’s face it, nobody likes to be shouted at but sometimes you deserve it for being such a prick – take it ‘like a man‘ and move on. This bloody stereotype needs to be abolished!

How to avoid?

It’ll be almost impossible to avoid coming into contact with a fuckboy but you’re best bet is to rebuff early on and show disinterest in the first signs.

Don’t ask that heĀ proves himself, this should have been done already without prompt. If you’ve felt let down and there’s little genuine reason then leave them be. You want theĀ genuine article let it be naturally occurring.

Whatever you do, DON’T GIVE IN or LET UP that you’re even remotely interests because these kids are like a dog with a bone.

We need to produce a new generation of gentlemen…

The Rise of the Planet of the Fuckboy