In my previous entry for email marketing advice for bloggers, I delved into the depths of collecting data – in this entry we look at content!

Now you’ve set up your data collection points and you’ve started getting people signing up to see your content – great news! Now it’s time to start sending out emails to subscribers. We’ll be looking at content delivery, timings and what to include:

How often should I be sending emails?

Depending on the amount of content you’re producing and the amount of time you have to put into it, I would suggest aiming for a monthly email campaign. One suggestion would be to schedule this in at the end of the month rounding up previous blog posts – but it’s important not to focus too heavily on existing content (I’ll explain why in a bit).

Also try and be as consistent as possible, something like: every last Friday, or every 25th of the month.

Is there specific times when I should be sending out campaigns?

Trial and error works well here – trying different times of the day and different days to find your sweet spot. Typically though, avoid working hours and Mondays.

Early morning sends work well, as people tend to pick up their phone first when they wake up, either that or key commuter times and evenings whilst users are dual screening.

So what do I put in the emails!?

As I said, previous blog content works perfectly as a filler but this shouldn’t be the main focus of your emails.

Email marketing works when content is exclusive, content needs to be fresh and never seen before. Else, what’s the point in signing up to receive them.

Once the email is out, by all means get your content scheduled for social media etc.

Great, but how much content?!

I wouldn’t put anything more than four stories in there. Anything more than that and you’re diluting the messaging and creating more work for yourself.

In terms of word count, keep the titles punchy (five words), story copy at around a sentence (no more than 30 words).

One image per story – ensuring it’s relevant.

Well, how do they get to my blog?!

Easy – add in call to actions (buttons) which enticing text to get people onto your blog. Landing page should be the story it’s referencing to ensure the readers journey is succinct.

You can also link the images to the same landing page.

How do I format my stories?!

Don’t over complicate things here – most people will open the email on their mobile and thus stories will stack in a linear format on most device (unless they’re using Gmail).

The below is simple enough:

Email markeing

What else!?

Here’s a few other must haves:

  • Compelling subject line, these will be the first thing recipients will see and it will have to entice them to open
  • Preheader or preview text acts as a second subject line (literally underneath it) when looking at a mobile device inbox
  • No email marketing platform will let you send emails without an unsubscribe, usually found at the base of an email
  • View online‘ link is always useful for those who are having trouble viewing the email in the inbox

That’s it!

It’s as simple as that, get the basics right and you should reap the rewards in terms of opens and click through rates!

As always, if you have any questions – drop me a comment below!

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